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when it's time to adapt your brand

A New Look

Rebranding an established company can be an intimidating undertaking, but sometimes it’s the right move to ensure lasting success and relevance in an ever-changing market. 

At Jones Sign, our design experts will work with you to align with your current strategy and position and develop a prototype for a new logo. We understand the careful balance between honoring your brand's legacy and redefining it and adapting your brand for future success.



Rebrands can be subtle or more disruptive, and Jones Sign has experience across the board. We’ll create a brand logo that aligns with your strengths and adheres to your brand standards. And Jones Sign has the capacity to scale up your production quickly!

Stay Relevant

Consumers’ wants and needs evolve and companies must stay relevant.

Stand Out from Competitors

A rebrand can help differentiate your company from competitors and allow you to gain customers and market share with a fresh look.

A Fresh Take

If you are experiencing significant change in products or services being offered, it might be a time for a rebrand.

Brand Lifecycle

Brands are living, breathing creations that must change to keep pace with the competitive landscape.

Your Logo = Power

Your logo is the single most important brand element to gain awareness and build trust and loyalty with your target audience.

A Makeover

Your brand no longer reflects who you are.

Establish Focus

You need to simplify and focus your message.

Legal Obligation

You have a legal reason compelling you to change.

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Venerable shoe retailer Foot Locker partnered with Jones Sign Co on a National Refresh of their branding, shopfronts & signage beginning in 2022