Committed to Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

Jones Sign is committed to a sustainable future. As a nationwide leader in the signage industry, we depend on raw materials to create solutions for our clients, operate a large fleet of vehicles and equipment, and ship and deliver finished products.

We understand the necessities of doing business put a strain on the environment and, as a result, have welcomed multiple sustainability measures and programs aimed at reducing our impact.

"We care about what our employees care about and support their activity by allowing them to participate in the events and volunteer activities they chose. As a company, we remain agnostic because we know there are many organizations and groups with good goals."

- John Mortensen, President

about our program


Our sustainability plan addresses the entire product life cycle. We aim to reduce our reliance on raw materials by reusing and recycling materials throughout the manufacturing process. This will conserve the earth’s mineral resources, save energy by reducing mining and transportation, and reduce waste to save landfill space.

Policies that support these efforts include procurement from suppliers that have sound waste prevention and waste management criteria. Our purchasing practices include a preference for materials with recycled input. We recycle all scrap plastics, aluminum, steel, and paper products generated by the manufacturing process and practice end-of-life-cycle deconstruction of products. These practices contribute to resource conservation.

Program Examples

  • Company-wide recycling program
  • Recycling program for paint waste
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting upgrades throughout our facilities
  • Assigning production and manufacturing to the facility closest to the geographic location of installation
  • Recycle unused and scrap materials and packaging in manufacturing facilities
  • Utilize video conferencing and other technology to limit air travel
  • Partnering with suppliers who have low-impact, sustainable policies themselves
  • Preference for utilizing emissions-free fleets for cranes and hoisting
  • Logistics through EPA SmartWay carriers to conserve energy and reduce emissions
  • Strict compliance with all relevant local, state, and national environmental codes
  • Low-VOC GREENGUARD Gold Certification for all films and overlaminates
  • Paint products are compliant with the: National AIM rule, SCAQMD Rule 1113, USGBC's Green Seal GS-11

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