About the Project

Jones collaborated closely with the Summit team to develop a comprehensive branding strategy for the Healthcare campus, focusing on enhancing its visual identity and navigational elements.

Subsequently, Jones took charge of fabricating and installing all branding and wayfinding signs within the hospital premises. This involved meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the established brand guidelines to ensure consistency and effectiveness in guiding visitors through the facility.

Jones's dedication to both the conceptualization and execution phases played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of the hospital environment.

Jones Sign applied our Sign Specification Program to the Summit Healthcare Medical Center in Show Low, Arizona. The project included exterior building branding, entrance monument signs, exterior campus wayfinding, interior room ID signs, interior wayfinding, and a digital directory kiosk.

  • Project Type
    Sign Conversion
  • Services
    Sign Specification Program
  • Location
    Show Low, AZ

Project Elements

  • Exterior building branding
  • Entrance monument signs
  • Exterior campus wayfinding
  • Interior wayfinding
  • Interior room ID signs
  • Digital directory kiosk

Services Rendered

  • Sign Specification Program
  • Design Engineering
  • Permitting and Variance Approvals 
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

The Challenge

The project scope included new signage to one existing building as well as signage for four new buildings on the Summit Healthcare Medical Center Campus . Jones was contracted by Summit Healthcare management to design a program, create shop drawings, engineer, obtain permits and variance approval, fabricate and install the above mentioned signage. This included exterior and interior placemaking, branding, and digital signs for the newly developed five-building campus.


The Solution

The size of the campus and the need for consistent signage and branding across buildings made this an ideal project for Jones' Sign Specification Program (SSP). The Jones team consisted of designers, a project manager, and business development team members who all worked closely with the Summit Healthcare management team to design and fabricate a new Summit brand.


The Result

Our collaborative approach resulted in a new branding look to complement the new Summit Healthcare campus. By working closely with Summit Healthcare, Jones was able to meet all of their signage and branding needs on time and on budget.



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