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Jones Sign was asked to survey, design, rebrand all Great Western Bank Signage, permit, fabricate new first Interstate Bank signs and install new signs. Jones fabricated 170 sites worth of signage in 1 1/2 months and had all product shipping out to be installed by the end of April to begin install the second week of May.

With the short time frame that was given Jones remained in daily contact with the customer to keep updates coming and approvals moving. Everything was sent to fabrication in advance of city permit approval with an LOI from the customer. Fabrication was broken up between plants for specific sign types to be handled at each shop and built them in mass production style with assembly lines and part making stations in order to meet deadlines.

Jones is proud of the amount of work that was able to be completed in such a short amount of time. The customer was happy with how the program was run and completed. Both Jones and the customer learned a lot in the fast-paced environment of rebranding.

  • Project Type
    Multi-Site Branding
  • Services
    Banking + Financial
  • Location
    Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota

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