Jones Sports Plays a Part in Pro Football Hall of Fame

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August 5, 2021

TSAV Selected Jones Sports as Subcontractor for Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium Scoreboard & LED Mesh Video Display

GREEN BAY, Wis. (August 5, 2021) – Jones Sports, a Jones Sign company, was selected as a

subcontractor by TSAV, a technology and communications company headquartered in Athens,

Georgia, to install two large LED video display units at the Tom Benson Stadium, Hall of Fame

Village in Canton, Ohio.

“We are truly honored to have been part of this extraordinary project,” said Patrick Basche,

Director of Business Development for Jones Sport. “Of course Green Bay is a legendary football

town, so our involvement in this project is especially exciting.”

Jones Sign managed the installation and commissioning of the high definition 33’ x 58’ LED

video board on the east end zone scoreboard structure. They also installed a 50’ x 90’ LED mesh

screen off the newly constructed Constellation Center of Excellence building that faces the Tom

Benson field from the west end zone. This large mesh board covers a large percent of the

windows on the building, yet occupants inside can still view the stadium and events taking

place. Both video displays have the ability to broadcast live or pre-recorded events.

Another adjacent project in which Jones Sports played a role was collaborating with the lead

architect, ARUP, to finalize construction drawings for the Rotunda Spires at the Centennial

Plaza. Jones Sports engineered, fabricated, and installed the symbolic 65-foot tall stainless-steel

Spires and the lattice canopy that surrounds the event lawn. Inspired by the Rotunda of the

original Hall of Fame building, the new Rotunda sculpture gracefully suggests that of a

four-seamed football, establishing an iconic special presence and a memorable landmark for


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