Jones Architectural Helps to Redefine the Golf Entertainment Landscape with Spectacular New Build for Atomic Golf

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June 17, 2024

Green Bay, Wis. - Jones Architectural is thrilled to announce the completion of an extraordinary new build project for Atomic Golf in Las Vegas, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of golf entertainment. This innovative venture signifies a bold new chapter in experiential leisure, where cutting-edge design meets entertainment, creating an unparalleled combination of sport and fun.

Atomic Golf, renowned as a bigger, better, and bolder brand of golf entertainment, unveils its spectacular new venue, spanning over 99,000 square feet (about the area of a Manhattan city block) of dynamic, animated fun. Embracing the essence of the game, the venue seamlessly integrates golf with culinary delights, vibrant beverages, and an engaging atmosphere across four different floors.

"This collaboration with Atomic Golf represents the pinnacle of architectural innovation," stated Kala Stone, Lead Project Manager on this project at Jones Architectural. "Together, we have crafted an immersive experience that transcends traditional notions of golf entertainment, setting a new standard of excellence in not only this industry but ours  
as well."

The $75 million new build project encompasses a multitude of features designed to elevate the guest experience, including:

  • 103 Golf Bays, where enthusiasts can sharpen their skills amidst the vibrant atmosphere.
  • 6 Full-Service Bars, strategically located throughout the venue, offering refreshing beverages and a variety of food.
  • An Outdoor Entrance that captivates visitors from the moment they arrive, featuring:
  • A Building Sign internally lit, illuminating the venue's facade.
  • A 120-ft long LED Strip that wraps the building, adding a dynamic visual element.
  • An Entry Feature, a never-before-seen concept, featuring a large, illumined golf ball, designed by two of our Jones team members, Jay and Jerry.
  • Directional Signs, both interior and exterior, guiding guests seamlessly through the expansive venue.
  • An Outdoor Pylon Sign, towering 40-feet high with a big tee base, capturing attention from afar.
  • A three-tiered entry canopy, standing 24 feet high, with columns resembling giant golf tees, match the design of the pylon and entry feature poles.
  • Putting Canopies, serving as standalone attractions projecting putting games/activities, equipped with HVAC units to ensure temperature control.  
  • The Cosmic Lounge, a focal point of the venue's entertainment offerings, featuring:
  • Flat cut out aluminum letters with up lighting
  • A Cosmic Cove, adorned with an LG FCCM Feature curved bendable screen above the bar, captivating guests with immersive visuals.
  • The Cosmic Floor, crafted from triple laminated glass, creates the illusion of a seamless, continuous surface.
  • The Astrocade, located on the main level and spanning all four floors, features the most LEDs in the building, two large screens on the second and fourth floors, and tickers on three columns across two levels. The total LED coverage is 3,600 square feet (about the area of a tennis court).

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