About the Project

Jones was contracted to install the new facade on the FC Cincinnati MLS stadium in Cincinnati, OH. FC Cincinnati brought their designs to us and we accomplished their vision through innovative solutions.

  • Project Type
    Architectural Creations
  • Services
    Stadium Façade
    Jones Sports Venues
  • Location
    Cincinnati, OH

Project Elements

  • Stadium façade
  • 14,370 linear feet of pixel stick
  • 840,000 LEDs

Services Rendered

  • Design Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

The Challenge

Turner Construction asked for our expertise in building a one-of-a-kind stadium façade. Populous' design included 385 vertical fins with pixel-controlled lighting delivering video content. The contoured design of the façade was also on the main challenges.


The Solution

Jones Sports and Jones Architectural Creations studied the Populous BIM model and added our model for the sub-structure supporting the fins. The sub-structure was designed with radius tube horizontal supports and a custom bracketry for mounting the fins. The fins vary in size based on their location on the stadium.

The façade has an integrated LED pixel point system that works in unison to create video content over the entirety of the façade.


The Result

The sub-structure created the contour the designer intended which gave our installation team more flexibility when installing the fins. The façade gives the stadium a unique and exquisite look. There are 14,370 linear feet of pixel stick and approximately 840,000 LEDs in the FC Cincinnati façade. The fins provide visual interest when not illuminated and are able to broadcast video content during MLS games and events.



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