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Billboard Design Specs Checklist

Outdoor advertising design is perhaps the hardest medium to design. The person you are trying to reach is flying by your message at over 65mph. He’s not going to stop his car and pull over to the side of the road to read your billboard. You’ve got about 4 seconds to get your point across. A lot of people ignore the basic rules and try and put too much copy on a billboard. The best billboards are the ones that look as if they are the easiest to make. Keep in mind 7 words or less! In order for us to help you come up with the most effective design we have devised a check list below. This will help our artists achieve exactly what it is you are looking for and will save time in the installation process of your billboard.

Please take the time to fill this out and fax it back to 920-983-9145.

Design Checklist [PDF]

9 Tips for More Effective Ads

Artwork Specifications – Digital Billboards

Board Size: 14x48 (Hwy 41)

Create file to the following size: 704 pixels wide by 200 pixels high
RGB Color Format
72 DPI
Saved as a maximum .jpg

Board Size: 10x30 (Hwy 172)

Create file to the following size: 432 pixels wide by 144 pixels high
RGB Color Format
72 DPI
Saved as a maximum .jpg


Artwork Specifications – Static Billboards
Preferred File Types:
.CDR – Coral Draw X3 or lower
.EPS – Vector file
.AI –Adobe Illustrator CS2 or lower
Sizing: All art must be to scale: ¼” = 1’
For example: A 14’x48’ at ¼” scale = 3.5”x12" actual size
10’x30’ at ¼” scale = 2.5”x7.5" actual size
Resolution: 300dpi or higher
Color: CMYK color format
* PMS colors must be provide to ensure correct color output

Sending Files
If the file is smaller that 10 megabytes you can e-mail it (see Contact Info link at left).
If larger then 10 megabytes please use a free delivery FTP site such as or
Upload your file and send us a link.

Important Notes:
Web graphics are 72dpi and are not high enough resolution for large scale graphics. Some web sites offer high resolution images for download. This is acceptable only if the file size is 300dpi or higher. To insure that there are no typographical problems, PLEASE CONVERT ALL TYPE TO PATHS in your final artwork. The viewing size is the same as the actual billboard size. Bleeds are not required. If you have any questions please contact us.